Headaches - Narellan & Mt Annan

Headaches are a very common reason patients visit a Chiropractor.


With ever increasing pace and stresses of our day to day lives, and with the increasing time people spend sitting and using computers and electronic devices, we are seeing huge increase of headaches amoungst our Camden and Narellan patients.


There are many possible causes of headaches, but the first step at Proactive Spine & Sports Medicine is to determine what is causing your headaches. We always assess whether there is a sinister cause of your headaches and exclude it before we continue with any chiropractic care.


A very common cause of headaches we find at our Narellan & Mt Annan chiropractic clinics is dysfunction of the upper cervical spine (neck). The nerves from the upper neck communicate with the nerves in the head, and so any irritation of these joints can potentially contribute to headaches


Our team will utilzing a wide range of highly-effective techniques to not only get rid of the headache, but also help prevent it from reoccuring


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Camden Headaches Narellan Chiropractor