Children and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care isn't just for adults. In fact, there are numerous reasons to take your child to an experienced Chiropractor. 

At Proactive we believe it is important to provide children with the best early education to spine care. Ensuring that they practice good habits from an early age. When your child is in pain, you want to do everything you can to help them feel better. Chiropractic care is taking the drug free approach to your child's health.

Benefits for children include;


1. Improved Sleep Quality

One of the most important qualities of healthy childhood habits is getting a full night's sleep. But for the nearly 30 percent of children who experience sleep disorders like sleepwalking, sleep apnea, insomnia, and night terrors, it's an ongoing challenge.

But with the help of a chiropractor, sleep issues can be vastly improved. Gentle massage and spinal adjustments are the ideal treatments to help your child feel more relaxed. In turn, this relaxed state helps them get a better night's sleep.


2. Sports Injuries and Improved Performance

Any parent of a child who plays baseball, basketball, gymnastics, or any other sport, knows how easy it is for sports injuries to happen. Something as simple as a tumble into home base can have major potential for long-term issues down the road. But with the help of a great chiropractor, your child's injuries can be helped. With regular treatment and the practice of a few simple stretching techniques, they'll be on the mend in no time. And for kids who want to improve their game, chiropractic manipulation can help too! A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation reported that in just 12 weeks, athletes who were under chiropractic care improved their agility, balance, kinesthetic perception, power, and reaction time by 30 percent.

3. Headache Buster

Whether it's a cold, a bump on the noggin, or an earache, when your child gets a headache, you want to help make it stop. But medication isn't always the answer. 95 percent of headaches are caused by muscle tension in the back or neck, spinal manipulation and adjustments can help. They work by relieving the tension in the body and help calm muscles and joints.

4. Growing Pains

Two out of five children and teenagers will experience growing pains in their lives. The throbbing aches and pains in the arms and legs are strong enough to wake them up from a deep sleep. Despite popular belief, growing pains are not actually related to growth spurts.

Instead, they are the result of the rigorous daily physical activities children participate in. This stress can manifest in the spine and affect the nervous system. A visit to the chiropractor can help calm the pain associated with growing pains and take the pressure off the spine.

Help Get Your Child on the Road to Better Health.

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Please note we do not treat children under 5years old .

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