What is Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient form of disciplined practice that focuses on full body strength, flexibility, mental control and relaxation. Poses (or Asanas) are designed to open joints, stretch muscles, recover from muscular and mental stress, mobilize the spine and strengthen the entire body. These poses can either be held for a longer period of time to affect the deeper connective tissue of joints (Yin Yoga), or the poses can be used sequenced in a flow for a strengthening practice (Hatha or Vinyasa).
All types of yoga are beneficial to everyone and can be done with modifications even if you are currently injured. In fact, Yoga will help you to prevent reoccurring injuries.
Narellan Yoga Camden
Yoga Group Classes

The yoga we currently offer in group classes is called Yin yoga. This type of yoga practice is a slow paced class suitable for all levels. During this class we hold stretches for a longer time than usual (3-5 minutes) that target the connective tissue surrounding the low back and hips.


“Heart Opening” yoga poses are practiced to improve posture, spinal mobility, ease breath and centre concentration. 

This type of yoga practice is beneficial for recovering from sport and decreasing stress. 

Yoga : Every Tuesday night at 6pm