Can Chiropractic Care Help My Headaches?

This is a very common question many patients ask, and many are surprised when told yes.

So how can chiropractic help with headaches?

The first step at Proactive Spine & Sports Medicine is to determine what is causing your headaches. We always assess whether there is a sinister cause of your headaches and exclude it before we continue with any chiropractic care.

A very common cause of headaches can be dysfunction of the upper cervical spine (neck). The nerves from the upper neck communicate with the nerves in the head, and so any irritation or dysfunction of these joints can potentially contribute to headaches. If the neck is found to be contributing to the headaches, the aim of treatment would be to improve function and stability of the neck and correcting any muscle imbalances. Very effective treatment options include spinal manipulation, muscle release techniques, dry needling, and corrective spinal and postural exercises.

We also assess patients for other potential triggers of their headaches which can include diet and nutrition, stress levels, sleep posture, water consumption, Jaw (TMJ) problems and sinus issues. Correcting as many of the potential triggers in my experience generally gives patients great results within weeks and long term relief from their symptoms.

Dr Danny Diab - Chiropractor Camden

Headaches treatment at Narellan Chiropractor

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