Dr Mark Staunton - Chiropractor


Mark received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, U.S.A., in 1993. For the next 9 years he worked alongside LA's leading Chiropractors, allowing him to excel in a wide range of techniques and treatment methods.
Mark returned to Australia in 2002 and settled in the Macarthur area with his wife and two children.  With his extensive experience and by continually upgrading his own knowledge of advancements in Chiropractic techniques, nutrition, wellness, and patient education, Mark is able to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to each patient's unique health goals.
Mark utilizes his extensive knowledge in health to provide a comprehensive and common-sense approach to wellness with the goal of enhancing each patient's healing and ongoing health. He is relatable and caring with his patients and has great integrity. He answers questions in an honest, understandable manner. He is often called upon to speak at local community events, as well as local schools, educating students on the importance of correct posture and spinal care.
Mark believes chiropractic care is only one piece of the healthcare pie, and in the attempt to strike a healthy balance between mind, body and spiritual well-being, he openly refers to and shares care with other health practitioners and fully supports his patients' personal preferences.
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