Ben has been working in the Sporting and Health field since 2017. Ben has always been interested in sport and health from a young age. His dream has always been to work in a field where he is able to help individuals get back to their sport, or their regular way of living.


During Ben’s younger years he competed in soccer and boxing for over 10 years, and is currently a qualified boxing coach (through ace combat certification). Following this, in his final year of university, he was employed by a CrossFit gym. At this location Ben completed numerous weight loss seminars, CrossFit coaching, Olympic lifting Coaching, Group and one on one Training. At the same location, he was also employed as an Exercise Physiologist once his Masters Degree was complete. During this time as the Exercise Physiologist, Ben worked with a wide variety of patients which included Disability work, Workcover, Musculoskeletal injuries, Cancers, Obesity, Diabetes and much more.


Throughout Ben’s Bachelor degree of Sport and Exercise Science, he assisted with 2 research projects in his final year as well as continuing with his full time study load. One of the project’s focused on cardiac imaging (using ultrasound) during exercise vs cardiac imaging during exercise at an altitude. Ben was extremely interested in this topic and cardiac function remains a keen interest of his. The other project was focused on the neurological change that occurs after a chronic ankle injury. Neurological changes and neurological conditions are another one of Ben’s main interests, especially adaptations from Parkinson’s Disease.

As well as Ben’s interest in cardiac function and neurological function, he also has a strong
interest in:
● Disability
● Musculoskeletal injuries
● Mental health
● Biomechanics
● Cancer
● Olympic lifting

Ben is always looking forward to maximising patients movement potential and making a substantial change in their life.

Exercise Physiologist - Benjamin Lazzaro

 Mr Benjamin Lazzaro - Accredited Exercise Physiologist 
(B.Sc (Sp&Ex Sc), M. AEP).